Warriors Call Boxing Club

Warriors Call Boxing Club

Dear LeaseProcess,

My husband and I are both Iraqi Veterans.  After returning home we both suffered the toll of the war silently and alone.  I tried every type of therapy from drugs to counseling and nothing seemed to help alleviate the mental strain, anxiety, aggression, and depression that accompanies PTSD.   One day we began boxing again and from that day we realized we began to heal.  We had a dream to build a boxing club that would allow veterans a safe haven to train and release their demons on the heavy bag and in the ring.  They find camaraderie and release all while healing.

Great idea right?  Well without funds, a dream is just that, a dream.  We went to every bank, financial services company, leasing company, and crowd funding site we could think of.  We asked public and private investors if they would like to loan us or invest some money into the program.  Everyone seemed to want to say they supported their troops and local heroes, but when the time came to dig into their pockets, no one showed their support.

Then along came Jim Stanislowski at LeaseProcess.  He was recommended to me by a friend and well let’s just say we made a lifelong friendship that day.  Jim, from the first moment we spoke to him, had basically made up his mind to support the program no matter what it took.  Not only was he “All In”, but the extra kicker was he as personable and kind and especially patient throughout the entire process.  And Lord knows I can be a slow poke.  Lol.  He worked relentlessly like a tank to help ensure that we got all the proper equipment from the boxing ring, to the flooring, to the ADA required equipment needed to bring the program to life.

Without Jim and his belief in us and the program, we would have been just another bunch of veterans that had a good idea, but were pushed aside because we had nothing financially to give.  Jim took a chance on us and no The Will of the Warrior Program is thriving and a success.  Because of his hard work and dedication to us, we now serve over 20 veterans and first responders at the boxing club.  Our next project is the “Bunker” a veterans and first responder recreation and education center. And guess who our go to guy will be for the equipment needed….Yep none other than Jim and the peeps at LeaseProcess.

We are truly thankful and extremely lucky to be able to call Jim our friend and as a plus, our go to guy when we need support for the program.   Luv you man!


Brandy and Vitalijs Jevsjukovs



Warriors Call Boxing Club

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